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Learn about EA: 1-1 Mentoring

What does this programme entail?

The purpose of this 1-on-1 mentoring programme is to support you as you dive into concepts related to effective altruism (EA). We will pair you (the mentee/participant) with someone who’s been involved in the EA community for a while, such as a member of the EA Cambridge Team (the mentor). We will also provide recommended reading lists for you to work through at your own pace, which will cover key concepts from EA research. 


You can decide how much material you would like to read and by when you would like to have read it. After reading some material, you will have a meeting or call with your mentor to talk through it and to decide what you want to cover next. 


We recommend you follow the recommended reading lists, but you can also dig further into topics which especially interest you as they come up.

Who is the programme for?

The programme is for people who are very new to EA (e.g. you have spent less than 5 hours engaging with the research and/or community.) Aside from that, all are welcome, whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate, faculty member, or unaffiliated with the University of Cambridge.

Why should you participate?

It can be hard to incentivise yourself to learn new things when you’re busy with so much else in your life, whether that’s your degree or your job. EA Cambridge hosts a number of different activities with the aim of facilitating learning about EA. Our fellowships offer a chance to discuss the ideas with a group of others, but you may prefer self-study. This programme offers a compromise: you decide how much you want to read and your mentor will hold you accountable to the deadlines you set and discuss the material with you. 


To sign up to the programme, please fill out this form. We will be in touch with you as soon as possible to discuss when you would like to start the programme, what content you would like to cover, who you will be paired with, and how regularly you would like to have check-in calls or meetings.


If you have any questions about the programme, do reach out to Eve at 

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