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Effective Altruism Fellowship

What is this fellowship? ​​

Some efforts to improve the world seem vastly more impactful than others, but these opportunities can be hard to identify and act upon. For the fourth time in Cambridge, we are hosting the Effective Altruism Fellowship, exploring the most pressing global challenges of our generation and how to develop the best solutions.


The programme combines group discussions with one-to-one mentoring, drawing upon knowledge from economics, philosophy, statistics, psychology, social activism, artificial intelligence, and more. Fellows will also have the opportunity to participate in Q&As with individuals working in the fields they are reading about and to meet fellows from other universities in the UK and US who share their interests.

What to expect?

To get an idea of what to expect, you can see the curriculum for the previous term's fellowship here.

The fellowship is designed for people who are not already familiar with Effective Altruism. However, we recommend that interested applicants watch or read an introduction to Effective Altruism first, in order to give you some idea of what to expect:

 - Watch this talk  

 - Or read this article 


The fellowship will last eight weeks, with the next round starting in October and running until the end of December.


  • ​Willingness to spend 2-3 hours each week preparing for the meeting

  • Commitment to attending all eight weekly sessions (unless unforeseen circumstances arise)

  • Excitement about making a positive impact

  • Openness to changing your mind

The fellowship is open to all, whether you're an undergraduate, postgraduate, faculty member, or unaffiliated with the University of Cambridge. We are committed to building a diverse cohort of fellows. Evidence suggests that underprivileged individuals tend to underestimate their abilities. We do not want the application process to dissuade potential candidates and we strongly encourage interested students to apply regardless of gender, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, etc.


Interest form for the upcoming Michaelmas fellowship.


If you have any questions about the fellowship, please contact We look forward to hearing from you!

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