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Cause Prioritisation Pathway

Why participate?


The Cause Prioritisation Pathway is a programme designed to help you untangle your cause prioritisation - that is, to work out which cause areas you believe are most pressing. Your cause prioritisation may inform your career choice, which organisations you volunteer with, and where you donate your money. 


If working on one particular problem could be several orders of magnitude more pressing than working on a different problem, then spending some time identifying the highest priority problems could be the most important stage in your career-planning process. Similarly, working out which cause area to donate to may have a much greater influence on your impact than comparing between charities or interventions within a specific cause area. However, comparing between cause areas is a very challenging process. It requires you to identify a multitude of moral, epistemic and empirical considerations which affect your comparison, and then to figure out how all of these factors determine your judgement.


What does it entail?


We hope that the Cause Prioritisation Pathway will provide support for you as you go through this process, by pairing you with a mentor. With your mentor, you will identify your key uncertainties about your worldview, your frameworks for comparing problems, and your ranking of various causes. Your mentor will recommend resources for you to explore to investigate these uncertainties gradually, whilst having regular check-ins with you to discuss what you have uncovered. The frequency of the mentoring check-ins can be flexible to fit your schedule, and you can decide how many resources you would like to explore in between each check-in. By the end of the pathway, we hope that you will have addressed the most crucial uncertainties and have identified one or two cause areas which you would like to pursue further. 


Who is eligible?


The Cause Prioritisation Pathway is aimed at people who have some prior familiarity with effective altruism. For example, you may have participated in our Effective Altruism or In-Depth Fellowships. Aside from that, the programme is open to anyone, regardless of academic background, age or affiliation with the University of Cambridge.


Please fill out this form to apply. Applications are open on an ongoing basis.  

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