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Artificial Intelligence


Safe AI Cambridge is a community of people who are interested in reducing existential risk from advanced Artificial Intelligence. They run events in Cambridge focusing on key concepts, new research and new policies surrounding AI Safety, and are supported by EA Cambridge. 

The next round of our AGI Safety Fundamentals programme will be taking place over the winter of 2021. Register your interest here. During the summer of 2021, 170 individuals partook in the programme, spending 7 weeks reading about and discussing AI safety, followed by a month spent completing a self-directed project that helps the participants advance their relevant skills or knowledge, or start to contribute to the field. 

We’re also in the process of developing an 8-week seminar programme on AI governance, which will be exploring questions around how AI is interacting with other emerging technologies, global governance systems, AI politics, and more. Register your interest here


Some relevant resources:

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