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Week 6: What are the social and political challenges?

How likely are alternative protein technologies to be developed? What might prevent the public from widely consuming alternative proteins if they are successfully developed and become tastier and cheaper than factory farmed meat? What role do governments play in regulating and building the future of this industry?

In this session, we will explore the social and political challenges associated with the production and sales of alternative proteins, primarily focusing on cultivated meat.

Core [~2 hours]





  • What do you think “cell-based meat” technology should be called? Cultivated meat? Clean meat? Cultured meat? Cellular agriculture? Why? 

  • Which of these technologies do you think is most likely to be widely accepted by consumers and replace factory farmed meat in the coming two decades? 

  • How could regulations scupper alternative protein development and deployment? What can we do to prevent this? 

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