Week 1: Motivating the case for alternative proteins

What’s the hype around alternative proteins? How does the current agricultural system impact the world? Why might alternative proteins be a viable solution to some of our concerns? What even are those concerns? 


This session is about exploring the dominant arguments in favour of reducing traditional meat consumption, motivating the development of alternative proteins, that are touted as one mechanism by which to bring about a global reduction or eradication of traditional meat

Core [1 hour 30 mins]





  • What are the strongest arguments in favour of reducing factory farmed meat consumption? 

  • What reasons might exist for not reducing factory farmed meat consumption? Try to steel man this argument as best as you can. 

  • How does today’s dominant form of animal agriculture affect the environment and the climate? 

  • If you were to rank the wellbeing of most factory farmed animals today on a 1-10 ranking, with 1 being perpetual tortue and 10 being pure bliss, how would you rank them? Why?