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We're a group of people, primarily based in the Cambridge UK region, who try to think hard about how to help others the most, and what actions we can take with our careers, donations and political choices to enact these changes. Many members of the community currently study at or have graduated from the University of Cambridge, although we also have community members who've studied at other universities or are working in Cambridgeshire. 

If you'd like to get involved in the community, or join our committee and contribute to the running and organising of events, please do get in touch with us here. We're open to anyone who wants to think hard about how to improve the world and take action on these insights. Attending our EA fellowship is a good introduction to the community, as well as joining our Learn about EA (LAEA) mentorship programme.

Check out our magazine to learn more about the individuals in our community and what they're up to. 

Our Team



Dewi Erwan


Dewi graduated from Durham University having studied risk and engineering, and now works full time supporting various teams and cause-specific groups within Cambridge. He's particularly passionate about biosecurity, artificial intelligence, alternative proteins and global cooperation. In his spare time, he enjoys running, climbing, jazz music, and vanlife.


Eve McCormick


Eve works part-time at EA Cambridge, running a range of career planning support programmes, while also working part-time with the Centre for Effective Altruism. She studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge, and is interested in discussing anything EA-related, especially community building, as well as being interested in dogs and Doctor Who.

Core Committee


Asia Wiaterek

Diversity Team Coordinator and Christian Rep

Human, Social, and Political Sciences 1st Year

Asia is interested in governmental policies, reducing poverty and improving institutions in order to face pressing global issues such as climate change. In her spare time, she enjoys learning foreign languages and participating in a range of sports.


Bethan Mapes

Speakers Team Coordinator and Women and Non-Binary Rep

History 1st Year

Bethan is interested in global poverty and policy, and hopes to work in international development in the future.


Francis P.

Community Engagement Team Coordinator

Economics Masters

Francis has a background in computer science, worked in hardware verification and design and now is now studying economics. He enjoys talking about negative utilitarianism, welfare economics, beans, blogs, and board games.


Philipp Spillmann

In-Depth Fellowship Deputy Coordinator

Philosophy of Science PhD

Philipp is a PhD student working on the issue of unknown unknowns in scientific research with a focus on astrobiology and extinction sciences. He's interested in black swans, freakish aliens, weird evidence, terraforming, human de-extinction, and potential ways to communicate with the deep future. His main academic background is in philosophy & public policy (LSE), and in science & technology studies (UCL). Before that he worked for 8 years in journalism, publishing, and education.


Rohit Prabhu

Finance Manager

Physics 3rd Year

Rohit is interested in improving science and scientific institutions, and exploring how the EA community can contribute to this goal. In his spare time, he enjoys playing badminton and ultimate frisbee, discovering new walks and spending time with his dog.


Sophie Bergmann

EA Fellowship Deputy Coordinator

2nd year PhD in Developmental Biology/Stem Cells

Sophie has a background in natural sciences and is interested in animal welfare, cell-based meat & alternative proteins, and biosecurity. She joined EA Cambridge after participating in the intro and in-depth fellowship, and now wants to encourage and support others to work on global priorities by organising the introductory fellowship.


Tristan Cook

In-Depth Fellowship Coordinator

Maths Masters

Tristan is most interested in reducing suffering in the far future and EA community building. He likes going on long walks, listening to podcasts and pretending to be rational.


Will Aldred

EA Fellowship Coordinator

Research Assistant in Entrepreneurship

Will has spent the last year as a research assistant at Cambridge’s Entrepreneurship Centre. Before that, he was a student-athlete at California, Berkeley, where he earned degrees in astrophysics and economics. He’s currently most interested in global priorities research, emerging technologies, and their intersection with China. In his free time, he’s a total fantasy fiction nerd.

Extended Committee


Amrit Sidhu-Brar

Retreat Organiser

Operations Analyst at the Centre on Long-term Risk

​Amrit previously studied Anglo-Saxon, Norse and Celtic at Cambridge. He enjoys linguistics, reading sci-fi and fantasy, cats, railways, maps, archiving things, going for walks, and chaotic cooking. He blogs about travelling to different parts of the UK here.


Arthur Conmy

Consultant and CERI Team

Maths 2nd Year

Arthur is a maths student with a significant side-interest in Computer Science, including competitive programming (mostly in the past) and machine learning. He's interested in AI alignment, and in his spare time, he likes to run, cycle, and eat vegan food.


Callum McDougall

Fellowship Facilitator and CERI Team

Maths 3rd Year

Callum is most passionate about reducing X-risks, especially risks from emerging technologies.


Caroline Baumöhl

Speakers Team

Law 2nd Year (Cambridge) & Business Admisitration 3rd Year (Munich)

Caroline is excited about EA‘s contributions to combat existential risk, especially in relation to emerging technologies. She's also interested in working to reduce extreme poverty and improving global cooperation. In her spare time, she enjoys playing tennis and piano, seeing friends and going on walks.


Euan McLean

Community Engagement Team

Machine Learning Engineer

Euan's background is in physics, having recently completed a PhD in theoretical partical physics, but he now works as a machine learning engineer in Cambridge. He's interested in AI safety, s-risks, as well as running, climbing, philosophy and music. He writes aboute AI safety here, and he used to write about physics here.


Faridat Abdulsalami

Diversity Team and Muslim Rep

Biological Natural Sciences 3rd Year

Faridat is currently studying neuroscience, (human) evolution, chemistry and mathematics, and is part of a range of groups within Cambridge that seek to help others.
She's currently trying to delve into the world of bio-adjacent areas with a focus on playing to her interest in logic and mathematics e.g via systems biology and biological engineering. In her spare, she enjoyes running, boxing, athletics, gymnastics, drawing and reading!


Florian Langer


Machine Learning PhD

Florian studied Theoretical Physics at Imperial College London and is now in his first year of a PHD in Computer Vision in Cambridge. He is interested in building Intelligent Systems that benefit a large number of people. In his spare time he enjoys exercising, Salsa dancing and drinking Apfelschorle (half apple juice, half sparkling water and a squeeze of lemon, probably the best drink on this planet).


Frances Pye

Speakers Team

Technology Policy MPhil

Frances is a current MPhil Technology Policy student at Cambridge. She completed her undergraduate in Chemistry from Imperial where she became interested in the societal impact of science and technology. She is most interested in AI governance research, with a focus on European mechanisms and institutions. She loves meeting new people and playing piano in her spare time.


Heather Burrows

Speakers Team

English Literature 1st Year

Heather is a first-year English Literature student at Peterhouse. She's most excited in the methods by which the ideas explored by EA can and should be put across to others in an effective way, as well as the journalistic implications of EA, and how we can move towards creating a productive environment of discussion within the media around the world's most pressing issues. She's also very interested in Animal Welfare. She enjoys cooking, reading and movies.


Helena Gellersen

In-Depth Fellowship Facilitator

Psychology PhD

Helena is a final-year Psychology PhD student, and has also worked on projects with the student-run health think tank Polygeia. From September 2021, she will join the Data Team for science policy at the Royal Society. Helena is interested in global priorities research, institutional decision making, science policy, s-risk and x-risk (especially from AI and authoritarian backsliding).


Herbie Bradley

Effective Climate Change Mitigation Coordinator

AI for Environmental Risk PhD

Herbie is a 1st year PhD student in AI for Environmental Risk, working on emulations of climate models. Previously he studied maths and computer science, and just graduated from a masters in computer science at Warwick. He enjoys discussing climate change mitigation and the future of AI. In his spare time he enjoys playing the piano, podcasts, and reading sci-fi.


Jamie Bernardi

Cambridge AI Safety Coordinator 

AI Research (Independent)

Jamie works remotely with researchers at the Future of Humanity Institute via a grant from the Long Term Future Fund, and is a physics graduate of the University of Cambridge. He enjoys playing guitar, bouldering and running. Jamie's latest projects are kept up to date here.


Hugo Eberhard

EA Fellowship Team and Facilitator

Maths 2nd Year

Hugo is studying maths. He is interested in X-risk reduction and AI safety in particular, as well as in animal welfare. In his spare time he enjoys singing, spending time with friends having interesting discussions, playing board games and cooking/baking.


Katy Taylor

Community Engagement Team and Young Professionals Rep

Software Developer

Katy studied biology at Cambridge, and is now working as a software developer. She runs the Lean Coffee events at EA Cambridge, and is interested in animal welfare and cultured meat.


Maria A Gutierrez


Maths 4th Year

Maria is starting a PhD in mathematical epidemiology in Michaelmas 2021 and is a Gates Cambridge Scholar. Maria hopes that her work as an epidemiologist will help to reduce biological risks. She has also organised workshops on high-impact careers for maths students. Outside of EA, she is keen on promoting women in STEM and enjoys reading and dancing, as well as giving maths talks.


Muskaan Garg

EA Fellowship Team and Facilitator

Mechatronics Engineering 2nd year

Muskaan is currently an engineering student majoring in mechatronics/robotics with a minor in computer science. She's working on setting up an EA India platform and leads a One For the World chapter. She's passionate about global poverty, AI risks and the use AI as a tool against climate change. She loves yoga, reading and meeting new people.


Nandini Jadeja

EA Fellowship Facilitator

History 1st Year

Nandini recently got involved with EA, and is excited about the ability for anyone and everyone to get involved, and the opportunities to be constantly learning. In her spare time, she enjoys reading, writing and going for long walks.


Nandini Shiralkar

Cambridge Existential Risk Initiative President

Engineering 1st Year


Oliver Guest

EA Fellowship Team and Facilitator

Modern Languages 4th Year

Oliver studies French and German at Cambridge. He's particularly interested in policy around emerging technologies and enjoys visiting new cities, playing in orchestras, and cycling.


Phil Palmer

Biosecurity Commnunity Coordinator

Biology PhD

Phil is a first year PhD student researching computational methods to accelerate vaccine development, and recently worked in the biotech industry. He's interested in biorisks and has been involved with EA for about 3 years.


Rudolf Laine

Community Engagement Team and CERI Team

CompSci 3rd Year

Rudolf is very interested in the theoretical side of computing, as well as topics pertaining to the future of human civilisation. He writes about these topics on his blog.


Sabine Matysik

Community Engagement Team

Chemistry PhD

Sabine is a a third-year PhD student in computational chemistry, and has been on the EA committee for 2 years now, running many fun socials! She's interested in global health, public policy and decision making, and global resilience against long-term risks.


Sae Koyama

EA Fellowship Facilitator

Maths 2nd Year

Sae has been involved with EA Cambridge for a year, and enjoys maths, having fun and (hopefully) productive discussions, and trying to figure out career paths.


Seth Collin

EA Fellowship Facilitator

Medicine 1st Year

Seth is a first year medical student at Cambridge, and was introduced to the EA Cambridge community this year through the EA fellowship. He is interested in infectious diseases , climate change and music.

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